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Vaastu based designs and consultation

Vastu is fundamentally based on both the positive and negative energies which are continually connecting and interacting with one another on the land. At whatever point a new structure is raised on an empty land so as to keep up the balance it is required to disturb these energies or powers.

At Crafters Hub, we offer the best Vastu consultation that will assist in holding and retaining more positive energies inside any space be it a business space, residence or health center. We deal in Residential, Commercial, and even Pyra Vastu consultations. Our consultation will help you keep the occupants healthy, peaceful, and wealthy. 

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As expert in Vastu Shastra in UAE, we embrace the following as a major aspect of our services:

  • Designing the interiors of commercial and residential buildings on the standards of ancient Vastu Shastra. It incorporates the following:

    • Furniture placement in the right Vastu direction.

    • Lights fixing and tuning.

    • Color Therapy for furniture, walls, and so forth.

    • Placements of plants to get greatest advantage of nature.

Placements of Vastu instruments to hold and retain more positive energy inside the building.